Reimagining Teacher Professional Development

Why does it matter?

Who owns the responsibility of teacher’s professional development?

What are the problems in traditional in-service teacher trainings?

Moving from traditional teacher development toward a digitalised learning experiences — What has shifted so far?

Problems with MOOCs and online learning in general

Can we improve the current teacher professional development and bring a new perspective to it?

What does Grow with Tech offer teachers for professional development?

  • try out a systematic approach for professional development through a blended and an inquiry-based course
  • engage in a global conversation with colleagues and act as a support system for each other
  • improve our practices as teachers whose roles are evolving from the “sage on the stage” to “guide on the side
  • develop the most essential digital skills required in the digital age



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Didem Yesil

Didem Yesil

E-learning and Edtech professional, MA in EdTech@Uni. of Manchester, BA@Bogazici University, currently product management at European Leadership University